Sunday, 11 March 2012


1- Vintage floral sequin top 2- Zara dress with vintage Chanel belt 3- ''
4- Boutique dogtooth and chain jacket 5- Miss Selfridge sequin mermaid dress 6- ''
7- Favourite books 8- H&M floral trousers 9- Levi studded shorts by Urban Outfitters
10- My room. 11- Olsen twins inspired boots from eBay 12- Chanel
13- Vintage Chanel perfume bottle 14- Tie dye top by ASOS

My first shiny new blog post! I've been wanting to blog for a while now, but just never got round to it. So tada! 
Tonight I'm playing around with the settings, so a quick montage of pretty things around my room and from my wardrobe. 
I usually play it safe with clothes and stick to black and white over colour, but this season I've been swayed by the pastels, florals, and sequins. Apologies for it being short and sweet, I'm still getting my bearings on here!

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